quarta-feira, 8 de fevereiro de 2017

Magali Charrier, Constellations of Things Learn and Forgotten

"During a three month residency at The Place I observed a number of dance classes. This film is a reflection - or an exercise of the imagination - on the processes set in motion while learning and performing a sequence of movements. Like a cartographer of the invisible, I record the physical, mental, emotional, kinetic and spatial experience of a dancer to reveal the intricate, intimate arrangement of their multiple sensations. The word 'constellation' refers to those inner stories or events inscribed in space, which can be read like a map."

This film formed part of an exhibition, How my hands got to know my feet, showing new works by Charrier. Commissioned by The Place's Creative Teaching and Learning Department, the project focused on the process of learning in dance, investigating how the body is shaped by knowledge, and how knowledge is passed from body to body.

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