terça-feira, 28 de julho de 2015

《舞蹈電影:尋找大觀園》宣傳片 "A Dance Movie - In Search of the Grand View Garden" Tra...

香港 HK | 2015 | 74’ | 粵語/普通話 Cantonese/Putonghua | 中英字幕 Chinese & English subtitles | HD


The film journeys with 15 young travellers who board on an extraordinary junk boat in search of their identity. Enchanted by the beautiful surroundings, they drink and recite poetry, sing and dance, assuming the roles of the imaginary characters in Dream of the Red Chamber. Intersperses with distinctive Hong Kong locations, the film merges modern dance with everyday life accompanied by pingtan, a form of classical Chinese storytelling and ballad singing, blending traditional with modern, classical with contemporary.

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