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Dance Film | Moment of Fever | M&N Dance Company

Moment of Fever - dance film
choreography: Michal Rynia & Nastja Bremec / M&N Dance Company
director and editing: Svetlana Dramlic 
scenario: Jurij Hudolin
director of photography: Marko Brdar
music: Anne Clark & Silence / Hall of Mirrors
music: Silence/ Someone Else's Song, The True Nature of Happiness 
music: Lucia Maria / Silence
sound: Sebastijan Duh
make up: Natasa Sevcnikar
producer: Katja Getov and Janez Kovic
location: EDA Center Nova Gorica, Slovenia

-The film was premiered in July 2012 on the opening of the VIII Open Cinema festival in St. Petersburg, Russia

- Awarded on Dance Theatre Story Film Festival in Poland (organised by Mościce Art Centre)
"...for artistic level of their thematically diverse films. Worth mentioning are the exquisite arrangement of the dance scenes, original narrative solutions and interesting psychological portraits realised in the form of documentary film..."

-on the 5th FreeNetWorld international short film festival in Nis, Serbia movie got award for the Best Short Documentary Film and award from audience for the best movie of the evening.

- Slovenian premiere- RTV Slovenia, January 2013



8 minutes
Choreography: Kat Cole and Eric Garcia
Performers: Kat Cole and Eric Garcia 
Cinematography: Peggy Peralta 
Editing: Eric Garcia
Music: Man Man

In this dance film, a pair of vagabonds hitchhike, stumble, and inch their way through striking landscapes. With no destination in mind, they crawl belly first down deserted streets and fling into white picket fences.

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Serie Cuerpos Dinámicas en Movimiento
Ballet Nacional de Ecuador
Ballet Metropolitano

Una Producción de: MIVA, Alterego Artes Escénicas Audiovisuales, Ballet Nacional de Ecuador, Arte en el Trole, Ntránsito