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Pedestrian Crossing

A contemporary dance film by detour dance.
Choreography: Kat Cole and Eric Garcia
Cinematography: Peggy Peralta
Composed by: Eli Nelson 
Editing by: Eric Garcia
Featuring: Caity Beard, Courtney Cavagnero, Kat Cole, Ethan Dunn, Caitlin Elliott, Colin Epstein, Margarita Galindo, Eric Garcia, Sarah Gould, Ariel Krizack, Lauren Lasorda, Simone Van Der Meer, Sheena Motlo, Aaron Spencer 
B Camera: Ben Leon
Production Manager: Valerie Jauregui
Production Assistants: Natalie Abbene and Del Medoff
Something strange lurks beneath the surface of everyday life. Incorporating contemporary dance and pedestrian vocabularies, Pedestrian Crossing follows eccentric and estranged characters that defy group behaviors, drawing upon the already-inherent absurdities and poetics present in San Francisco. In an unprecedented merger of dance, theatricality, and high visual imagery, Pedestrian Crossing reveals unexpected moments of imagination within and among our everyday activities. Walking down a cross walk or sitting next to a stranger on public transportation -- even the dull moments of our daily routine can be a catalyst for inspirational art.
Funded by the SF Weekly Masterminds Competition, Theatre Bay Area CA$H Grant, and generous individual donors.
2012. San Francisco, CA, United States. 
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