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Sonho em Movimento - Part 1

Sonho em Movimento - tanztheater- global on the Cape Verde Islands.
Sonho em Movimento is a videodancetheater initiated and directed by Be van Vark/tanztheater-global (Berlin, Germany) and co-produced with the Mindel'act Festival 2011. (Mindelo, Cape Verde).
By bringing together Cape Verdean cultural traditions with Contemporary Dance and Video Art, Sonho em Movimento aesthetically explores identity, happyness, dreams, fears and desires. Be van Vark (Choregrapher and Artistic Director of tanztheater-global) and her team of 3 co-choregraphers/dancers and one videoartist, worked together with seven perfomers from two different Cape Verdean islands: two dancers from Tarrafal (Santiago) who have been working with tanztheater-global for three years now and five performers from Mindelo (Sao Vicente)
tanztheater-global and its commitment on the Cape Verde islands
Sonho em Movimento is the 3rd performance project of Be van Vark/tanztheater-global with Cape Verdeans on site. As an aesthetic concept, tanztheater-global comprises a specific way of making dance art that has been developed since 2002 by the Berlin choreographer and artistic director Be van Vark.

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