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January / Two Seconds After Laughter

2009 “January” (Short-Dance for Camera)
Premiered June 2009, Building Bridges Film Festival, Iran
Concept: RJ Muna and Rachael Lincoln
Set and Videography: RJ Muna
Choreography/Performance: Rachael Lincoln
Editing: Cari Ann Shim Sham*
Music: Low in the Sky
January is a dance for camera solo made within the real and imagined confines of winter. In a slate-walled room with chalk dust as snow, a woman follows her mind's small agitations as she meditates on the passage of time.
HDV, 3 minutes 

Filmmaker: David Rousseve
Director of Photography & Edit Cari Ann Shim Sham*
Choreography & Dance Sri Susilowati
Synopsis:  Synopsis:  An original intersection of documentary, dance-for-camera, and dream-like fantasy, Two Seconds After Laughter creates a border-jumping dialogue on a universal irony:  The heart longs most for the one place to which it can never fully return… home.  With a narrative inspired by choreographer Sri Susilowati's experience of returning to her native Indonesia after 20 years of living and dancing in America, Two Seconds… is a meditation on the nature of memory; a cry of longing caused by separation; and a fable-like tale of the joys and emotional dislocation experienced by contemporary immigrant peoples. 

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