sexta-feira, 25 de novembro de 2011

"1920" - August- Sept material from Paola Ponti

Cagdas Ermis
Roberto Di Camillo

video editing and recording Paola Ponti

music from :
ACH_SO_JA , "Barbare_papa" , album Barbare-Papa
Circus Marcus, "Manouch' ", album Danse Rémy

recorded in Wuppertal for the project Tokyofaenza

Two caracters came up on the research of me and Kanoko: Lavinia, daughter of Titus, and Barbablù's bride.
Both had to deal with male caracters as predators, fighting for them statement as individuals, and to protect them female side.
I founded interesting and precious to collaborate with Cagdas and Roberto to investigate this ideas through male bodies, and the great sensibilty they have.
In a crazy night. Thanks.

Key words:
(Lavinia) without hands, empty mouth, I clean, daughter
(bride) key, where i can't go, small door, revenge

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