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Februrary is a 60 second dance video by New York interdisciplinary artist Charles Dennis that takes a unique approach to filming dance by using the body as a camera, in this case by placing a small camera on the head of the dancer/filmmaker. The place is a snowy meadow. In a continuous take the camera follows Charles Dennis' bare hands as they drop from the sky into the snow, rise and spin across the landscape before finally falling down into the snow again. Using just the movement of hands the film poetically suggests unity with place,
the temptation of violence and a path to compassion.

I'm out

Dance film by Sarah Linstra and Robin Schmidt.

The Home Maker - Artist: Andreas Constantinou

The Home Maker is a video installation created for 60
The work explores stereotypical attitudes towards woman and their socially enforced place as home makers. The work visualizes the effect of a chauvinistic culture portraying an attitude of superiority toward members of the opposite sex.
The home maker is choreographic in its form of combined, movement, action, sound and rhythmic editing.

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Direção: Wilkie Branson


Relation between body and mind,
space and time, soul and body,
and "place" inside and outside of me.
"The goal of the trip is to remove the mask of the person that we created to survive or emerge in the world and come to understand the deeper meaning of relationships." Jung

Waltz for Three

Film by Pirkko Runnel, music by Mirjam Tally

Where Do You Go?

"Where do you go" is an art-dance video made for the competition "60secondsdance" held by "Dansens hus" in Copenhagen, Denmark..
The task was to make a movie based on the word "place".

The video plays with the term "places": Being different places, meeting someone at a place, dreaming about a place, being limited of the place, getting away from the place, being or not being at the place.


Snooze takes place in the bed, in the early morning, in the ten minute/infinite gap of the snooze alarm. In this time the mind bridges the gap between the conscious and the subconscious, filtering and exaggerating our everyday thoughts and feelings, similar to the experience of a dancer lost in reverie. Snooze is a place we have all been, all experienced, all know.

Featuring: Masumi Saito -
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Reborn :

Video creation made for

Choregraph/dancer : Babacar Cissé
Light : Yvan Labasse
Set : Marc Valladon
Real : Antoine Mortoire
Prod : Be productio