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Topic I et II, part II

PASCAL BAES - Topic I et II, part I

Topic I et II, part I
Pixilation et pose longue de nuit appliquée à la danse à Prague en 1989.


Choreography by Jacob Marley in this dance piece commisioned by BBC for a series entitled DANCE HOUSE.
Director: David Hinton


3 Speed is a short study of 3 people, at the same place at the same time, moving at different speeds. During its 3 minutes and 33 seconds, it touches with humor on questions of spirituality, hyperactivity and ways of moving and being. Choreographed/ directed by Marta Renzi. With the participation of
Denise Fujiwara, Matthew Waldie and Linnea Wong. Camera: David Stuart. Music: Steve Elson.
Created with the support of the CanAsian Dance Festival and the Canada Council for the Arts during the David Hinton Dance on Camera Workshop.

Merce Cunningham- Channels/Inserts

Merce Cunningham's Points In Space (excerpt)

This excerpt is from a 1986 filming of Points In Space, performed by Merce Cunningham and the Merce Cunningham Dance Company:

Points In Space is a collaboration by choreographer Merce Cunningham, composer John Cage, and filmmaker Elliot Caplan.

Merce Cunningham solo dance on TV (1984)

Merce Cunningham solo dance on Nam June Paik's TV program called "Good Morning Mr. Orwell" from 1984. John Cage's music (and other sounds) are heard in the background.

Steve Reich - Piano Phase Dance (2/2)

Steve Reich - Piano Phase dance (1/2)

Steve Reich - Violin Phase dance (2/2)

Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker

Steve Reich - Violin Phase dance (1/2)

Como el vacio

1996 Video_danza de Carmen Werner y Diego Ortiz.

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One Ride Pony

Tanz: Susanne Ohmann | Regie: Alex Vermeulen | Choreographie: Susanne Ohmann | Musik: David Shea | Produktion: Syndicaat. (NPS) | Länge: 10' | Niederlande: 2000

- Without You

"Without You"
Sven Volz | Musik: Laconic Star | 2002 3’47
Kamera: Ove Sander | Schnitt: Sven Volz

betty ford (2002)

"Betty Ford"
Oliver Husain, Michel Klöfkorn, Anna Berger | Musik: Alter Ego | 2002, 4’
Animation: Oliver Husain, Michel Klöfkorn, Diane Preyer
Gewinner des Clip+ Musikvideoschnittpreis 2002

Büro und Alltagssport in rasendem Raster. Freizeitstress als Sinnstiftung effektreich inszeniert ...

Runde1: Die 15. Art, den Regen zu beschreiben

"Die 15. Art den Regen zu beschreiben"
Musik: Runde 1, 2000, 3’30 | Regie, Konzept und Realisation: Anja Struck, Lars Henkel | Animation | Beta SP |

Coffee with Pina - Lee Yanor

Coffee with Pina - Lee Yanor

Coffee with Pina - Lee Yanor


Coffee with Pina, Artistic Documentary about Pina Bausch
by Lee Yanor.