quarta-feira, 20 de janeiro de 2010

Bianco Nero Grigio

Sonya Stefan

director Sonya Stefan
choreographer Sonya Stefan
sound designer Sonya Stefan
lighting designer Sonya Stefan and Olivier Gossot
editor Sonya Stefan
costume designer Charlotte Bonin
gaffers Olivier Creurer, Ryan Spence, Mary Mikhail
dancer/performer Patricia Iraola and Darren Bonin
adviser Philip Spzorer
caligraphy Daniel Villeneuve

Sonya Stefan's professional career in dance began in 1996, training and performing with the Toronto Dance Theatre. Since migrating to Montreal in 1999, she has taken the opportunity to work with several artists and companies including Cas Public, Fondation Jean Pierre Perreault, Montreal Danse, Les Carres des Lombes, and Dance Theatre David Earle. Sonya has developed her pedagogical and interpretive dance skills through rehearsal directing for Jean-Pierre Perreault's, JOE, choreographing for Repercussion Theatre's Shakespeare in the Parks and a decade of training dancers at Ballet Divertimento pre-professional training program. Her most recent endeavors include producing and performing a series of short duets with Yves St. Pierre, to be premiered at Tangente in December and directing her first film, Bianco Nero Grigio, most recently exhibited in the experimental section of the this year's Montreal World Film Festival.

Experimental Dance Film- Bianco Nero Grigio
This film follows two characters through dance. The characters explore four states: representation, conversation, chaos and memory; but one state is left behind.

Montreal World Film Festival
Concordia University- Cinema Du Parc
Cafe'-bar de la Cinematheque quebecoise

* 2008 Scholarship Astral Media- Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema

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