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The Geometry of Separation

The Geometry of Separation
Deutschland 2009, 14 min.

# Director / Regisseur: Mareike Engelhardt
# Choreographer / Choreograph: Friederike Plafki
# Main Dancer/s / Haupttänzer: Friederike Plafki
# Composer of music / Musikkomponist: Sebastien Alazet

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Reich+Szyber | The Hidden

The Hidden

Sweden ・1996
choreographer: Carina Reich,Bogden szyber
dancer:Anja Birnbaum,Cecilia Roos,Anette Sallmander,Anna-Karin Larsson,Susanne Berggren
Elisabeth Karlsson,Benedikte Weinreich,Malla Grapengiesser-Ehr a old Favorites, clipped and produced by Jonas Åkerlund

Bianco Nero Grigio

Sonya Stefan

director Sonya Stefan
choreographer Sonya Stefan
sound designer Sonya Stefan
lighting designer Sonya Stefan and Olivier Gossot
editor Sonya Stefan
costume designer Charlotte Bonin
gaffers Olivier Creurer, Ryan Spence, Mary Mikhail
dancer/performer Patricia Iraola and Darren Bonin
adviser Philip Spzorer
caligraphy Daniel Villeneuve

Sonya Stefan's professional career in dance began in 1996, training and performing with the Toronto Dance Theatre. Since migrating to Montreal in 1999, she has taken the opportunity to work with several artists and companies including Cas Public, Fondation Jean Pierre Perreault, Montreal Danse, Les Carres des Lombes, and Dance Theatre David Earle. Sonya has developed her pedagogical and interpretive dance skills through rehearsal directing for Jean-Pierre Perreault's, JOE, choreographing for Repercussion Theatre's Shakespeare in the Parks and a decade of training dancers at Ballet Divertimento pre-professional training program. Her most recent endeavors include producing and performing a series of short duets with Yves St. Pierre, to be premiered at Tangente in December and directing her first film, Bianco Nero Grigio, most recently exhibited in the experimental section of the this year's Montreal World Film Festival.

Experimental Dance Film- Bianco Nero Grigio
This film follows two characters through dance. The characters explore four states: representation, conversation, chaos and memory; but one state is left behind.

Montreal World Film Festival
Concordia University- Cinema Du Parc
Cafe'-bar de la Cinematheque quebecoise

* 2008 Scholarship Astral Media- Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema

illusion for movements


director Lemeh42
dancer/performer Correnza Paoloni(Lemeh42)
sound designer Marco Scattolini
lighting Lemeh42
costume designer Lemeh42
make up Lemeh42
music Marco Scattolini

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Opposing Gravity

"Opposing Gravity - A Hommage to Isadora Duncan"
director: Ralf Hildebrand
choreographer: Selena
dancer: Selena
nation: Germany/Berlin
screening time: 6min

she shoe

director, choreographer, dancer, composer and musician (voice and keyboards): Debora Petrina
video maker: Luigi De Frenza
nation: Italy
screening time: 5min

some people's philosophy

"Some people's philosophy"
director: Pablo Casacuberta
choreographer: Pablo Casacuberta
dancer: Pablo Casacuberta
nation: Uruguay
screening time: 3min 10sec


Rewind (Sweden, 2004) 5:00
Director: Marten Nilsson
Choreographer: Gunilla Heilborn
Exactly what happens on the day Henry moves into his new house?

Basically I Don't But Actually I Do (2009) Official Trailer - Saar Magal, Jochen Roller

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Peter Sparling, USA, 2005, 7:22m
A former member of Martha Graham Dance Company returns in a solo that would only be possible on screen. Mirroring the voices in Arvo Part’s score, he reveals four physical personalities. He transcends boundaries of gender and character while charting a man’s struggle to embody his own metamorphosis.


In a virtual world where emotions are forgotten two avatars fail to fall in love while their cardigans come to life with unexpected results. DOWNLOVE is the first 3D (stereoscopic) Experimental Short produced and directed in Greece. It can be screened 3D or 2D; virtual and real coexist in a world where the character's kinesiology tells an unusual story. Released by Village Films 2009-2010. JUMPING FRAMES Festival Hong Kong 2008, First Award/ CINEDANS Festival Amsterdam 2008, Special/ Mentioning/ STRANGE SCREEN Festival Thessalonika 2008, Second Award/ latest 3D screening: BEFILM Festival Dolby Screening Room, Manhattan NY 2nd May 2009.

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Mohammad Abbasi "I am my mother" - Choreographic Captures 2008

Choreographic Capture "I am my mother" of Mohammad Abbasi - entered in the 1st Choreographic Captures Competition 2008. CC is an international short film competition with the aim to increase awareness for the aesthetic of the arts of dance and film.


NL, 2008, 4’
Ruben Broekhuis

Flow is an impression of free running, a registration of the beauty of human movements in the midst of the city of Rotterdam.

Frances Wessels a Portrait of 88 Years

US, 6’
Jason Akira Somma

Frances Wessels is an amazing dancer who performed with the legendary Hanya Holm and is still dancing to this very day. Multi-talented Jason Akira Somma created a film as a portrait to portray how she is still operating in a contemporary manner to this day.

The Morning Commute

Morning Commute

CA, 2008, 3’
Ben Philippi

Walking in Plastic

ZA, 2009, 7’39’‘
Kai Lossgott, Mduduzi Nyembe

In Walking in Plastic performance artist Mduduzi Nyembe combines a memory of an injured lady, a dream of an absent father and a chance to survive in a market place. Ritual like stories about the heartache of the slumps.


DE. 2008, 1’
Philip Bussmann
Sarah Huby

Tachometer is a short experiment about motion and speed in a public space.

The Barber of Bangalore

CA, 2008, 7’
Roger Sinha

The Barber of Bangalore explores the harmony and dissonance created when East and West collided. Using irony and humour, two classical forms meet: western classical music and eastern classical dance. The result is odd, confusing, funny, ridiculous though sometimes quite lovely and harmonious.


NL, 2007, 4’
Roel Wouters, Sabine Linz

Roel Wouters/Xelor presents his first (Music) video clip. Grip is a live recording of one long take. We see a bird’s eye view of trampoline athletes, imitating typical video effects. The film is part of the opening of ‘Nederclips’ by the Stedelijk Museum in Den Bosch.
Supported by the TAX-videoclipfonds.


NL, UK, 2008, 2.5’
William Collins

Nearness is a short dance film with two performers. They dance and twirl around each other, they breath and move in the same rhythm – and hence reach deep intimacy.


NL, PL, 2008, 2’
Magdalena Ptasznik

Film#4 is a personal and ironic comment on men and their football. At the same time it is a tribute to heroism, to the thin line between winning and loosing.

Dreaming Alive

IL, 2008, 7’
Offir Markus, Gur Margalit, Gal Sinay, Alon Kanchuck

Dreaming Alive is a tribute to director Michel Gondry and tells the story of four students with the same dream.


NL, IT, 2007, 2’
Stephanie Lühn

Two people meet each other on a Saturday evening. They hardly know each other when they jump into bed together. The hope rises that a dream will come true. Gone is a short film, dedicated to all those who wake up alone again on a Sunday morning.

the delicate ransom

BE, ES, 2008, 5’
Coral Ortega

The fear of suddenly no longer understanding who or what I am, pushes me into the deepest of my thoughts. And there, in every little corner there lies an impossible question – and I don’t even know what I am looking for/ or whether I will ever find the answers and be able to move around peacefully again?

10 11am lincoln and maxella

Directed by artist Nadine Hottenrott
NL, DE, 2008, 1’
Nadine Hottenrott

A short registration of LA’s way of advertising.

Newton`s 3rd - HQ

intro text:
"For every action there is an opposite and equal reaction" -Isaac Newton

An animation by Bas Hesen
Soundtrack by Lennert Busch
Many Thanks to all my Teachers and Classmates
st. Joost - academy of arts 2008

Tic Toc Choc de couperin

AU, 2007, 2,40’
Elise Mc Leod

Tic Toc Choc de Couperin is a baroque film with hip-hop dancer Anthony Benchimol, piano player Alexandre Tharaud and percussion player Boris Venura Diaz.

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Feist - 1234



FR/CH, 2007
Director: FR/CH, 2007
Choreography: Yves Ackermann
Time: 2 minutes


LineAge (European premiere)
United States of America 2005
Director: Jody Oberfelder
Choreography: Jody Oberfelder
Time: 7:00 minutes
LineAge contrasts the lines of our bodies with lines in landscape: imprints of time in nature and
human nature. Martha Myers, 80 years old, looks through time passed. The dancers are her heroes
and memories of her life.

West Bank Story (film) Part 3/3

West Bank Story (film) Part 2/3

West Bank Story is a comedy/musical short film, directed by Ari Sandel, co-written by Sandel and Kim Ray, produced by Pascal Vaguelsy, Amy Kim, Ashley Jordan, Ravi Malhotra, and featuring choreography by Ramon Del Barrio.


China 2007
Dorector: Yan Yao
Choreography: Ya'nan Liu
Time: 5:00 minutes
A woman moves literally in time. Digital time codes move rapidly and light up her body for just a
moment. Although time touches her, it remains intangible.

West Bank Story (film) Part 1/3

West Bank Story is a comedy/musical short film, directed by Ari Sandel, co-written by Sandel and Kim Ray, produced by Pascal Vaguelsy, Amy Kim, Ashley Jordan, Ravi Malhotra, and featuring choreography by Ramon Del Barrio. The film is a parody of the classic musical film West Side Story, which in turn is an adaptation of Romeo and Juliet. The film follows the romance between the relatives of the owners of rival falafel restaurants, one Israeli and the other Palestinian, respectively named the Kosher Kings and the Hummus Hut, in the West Bank. The film stars Ben Newmark as the IDF soldier, Noureen DeWulf as the Palestinian cashier, A.J. Tannen as the Israeli restaurant owner and Joey Naber as his Palestinian rival.
The film premiered at the 2005 Sundance Film Festival, and was screened at numerous additional film festivals across the world, garnering several awards. In 2007, at the 79th Academy Awards, it won the Oscar in the category Best Live Action Short Film.

As I Was Leaving My City

In edition of Cinedans 2007 (dance film festival) presented during "Dancing on the Edge" 2007.

As I was leaving my city (Iran, 2007, 3 min)
Directed by: Amirali Navaii
Amirali Navaii: ‘I am 24 and I live in Teheran. I was a dancer, but changed direction to film because of the political situation
there. This film is about a man who leaves his beloved city. The film is dedicated to my brothers, who cherish never‐ending

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The Netherlands, 2006 | 3 minutes | Director
Soultrotter | Choreography Raphael Hillebrand and Master Ken

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Forward Motion. Screen Dance.



Excerpt of the dance video Dos Ambientes
Script, choreography and direction: Rodrigo Pardo
Camera and editing: Guiye Fernandez
Text: Lucia Bianco
Dancers: Gabriela Lavagnino, Cristina Cortes, Josefina Lamarre, Noelia Leonzio, Diego Poblete,Rodrigo Pardo
Music: Miguel Rausch


United States - France, 2004 | 2 minutes | Director Jean-Pierre Jacquet | Music Juanjo Mosalini, Pablo Pensavalle

In a cartoon animation, a dance couple lose themselves in the intimacy of the Argentinian tango. The wonderful music stirs the emotions, and the passion created between these two people is expressed by a sound, a movement, a glance and a trembling hand.


E continua a pesquisa nas programações do CINEDANS DE AMSTERDAM com uma histórica contribuição para Festivais que envolvem dança, imagem e novas mídias.

No CINEDANS PROGRAMME 2006 encontramos:


Protagonist: Don Herbison-Evans
Dance partner: Anna Piper
Writer and Director: Samantha Rebillet
Producer: Justin Davies
Cinematographer: Simon Gray
Editor: Rolmar Baldonado
Sound Recordist: Glenn Finnan
Sound Designer: Chris Stevenson
Composer: Jessica Wells
Production Manager: Linda Micsko
Production Assistant: Tanya Curnow
Production Assistant: Andrew Ward
Production Assistant: Mei Ling Sun
Camera Assistant: Gideon Jennings
Cellist: James Lee
Music Pre-Mix: Andy Beck
Mixer: Chris McKeith
Stills Photographer: Ali Homaei
Behind the Scenes Camera: Ben Howling

for a tango

Cinedans Programme 2005

For a Tango, une anime sur le tango à ses origines. Un film créé par Gabriele Zucchelli.

- LOST - ScapinoBallet Rotterdam

LOST: 2001 - A film by Willem van de Sande Bakhuyzen and Ed Wubbe, Dir. Scapino Ballet Rotterdam.

When I am little again

Motion captured, animated figures inhabit a surreal world of ancestral memory. This virtual family reunion is a tribute to Dr. Janusz Korscak.
Director: Kareen Balsam Choreographer: Kareen Balsam
Dancers: Kareen Balsam, Craig Brant, Tiffany Cunningham, Sean Kessler
Composer: Alexander Borodin, Brain Casey, Steven Greenman, Felix Mendelssohn Choreographer: Kareen Balsam
Virtual Environments and Animation by Vita Berezina-Blackburn

Down Time Jaz

Down Time Jaz (2003 Australia).
A film about a functional family. A delightful and infectious animated dance film, Down Time Jaz is a ferries wheel ride through family life from the point of view of the second child who must save the rest of her family from itself.
Choreographer: Richard James Allen and Karen Pearlman
Dancers: Jaz Allen, Sam Allen, Richard James Allen, Karen Pearlman
Composer: Amanda Brown Producer: Richard James Allen

STAND 4.18 - 2004- dir. Sascha Engel

Written, Directed and Edited by Sascha Engel.
Produced by Kees Kasander-Kasander Film.
Premiered at the International Rotterdam Film Festival 2004.

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memorabilia using digital techniques this dance film considers memory - human and digital
Director: Deborah Tiso
performer - Lauren Potter
Producer Hiroshi Suzuki
D arts Jesse Holborn


Dir. Royston Tan / Singapore / 2007
Collective rhythm of the neighborhood.

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Axial and the Plane

January 2009. Film Producer and Director: Ivan Rubio. Choreographer: Gabrielle Martin. Dancers: Zuzana Sevcikova, Lesley Smith, Katia Marie Germain. Music: Murcof, 'Oort'; Pan Sonic, 'Slovakian Rauta'; Ryoji Ikeda, 'Untitled #24' and 'Headphonics 0_1'; BJ Nilsen, 'Gotland'; Touch 25 album, 'Minutiae' and 'ATC Graph'.

Dance from Bande à part

This is the original version of the dance scene from Bande à part by Jean Luc Godard

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A BAND APART :: Homage a Jean-Luc Godard

A Band Apart by David McIntyre

Inspired by the dance sequence in the Jean-Luc Godard move Band Of Outsiders or Bande à part (1964) fashion film maker David McIntyre wrote, and directed this short for the fashion Magazine ZOOZOOM.com



música Alvaro Pérez
coreografía Olga Sasplugas
Dirigido por Toni Vidaechea