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De Nous

A short dance of Unhappiness, by Creative Sunshine (www.creativesunshine.com).
Female Dancer: Aleksandra Wojcik
Male Dancer: Peter Francis
Director and Choreographer: Rolfe Klement
Composer and Orchestration: Christopher Kennedy Alpiar (www.alpiar.com)
Director of Photography: Rolfe Klement with Hu-Hsuan Wei
Makeup Artist: Isabel While

DV8 Physical Theatre - Dead dreams of monochrome men (11)

DV8 Physical Theatre - Dead dreams of monochrome men (9)

DV8 Physical Theatre - Dead dreams of monochrome men (8)

DV8 Physical Theatre - Dead dreams of monochrome men (7)

DV8 Physical Theatre - Dead dreams of monochrome men (6)

DV8 Physical Theatre - Dead dreams of monochrome men (5)

DV8 Physical Theatre - Dead dreams of monochrome men (4)

DV8 Physical Theatre - Dead dreams of monochrome men (3)

DV8 Physical Theatre - Dead dreams of monochrome men (2)

DV8 Physical Theatre - Dead dreams of monochrome men (1)

DEAD DREAMS OF MONOCHROME MEN (1989), created and performed by Lloyd Newson, Nigel Charnock, Russel Maliphant and Douglas Wright, directed by David Hinton.


Claudia Kappenberg -- Moebius -- 2006 (UK) 3'30''

A Video triptych mixes the virtual and the real, the past and the present. Amateur archive footage of a pushball game is projected onto a present-day-body, whereby the virtual ball becomes the impulse for the body to move. In the process a dance emerges whereby the past moves the present and the present transforms the past

Project - 5 short movements

"Project" explores the interaction created by the simultaneous movement of bodies and projected light to create an abstract dance film.

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Living Room Fort

Campbell Farquhar -- Livin Room Fort -- 2006 (New Zealand) 3'47''

Living Room Fort uses projected light and in-camera film techniques to explore movement within an abstract and atmospheric space. The film is a darkly playful look at information overload in the age of modern communications.
Technology, choreographer: Geof Gilson Dancers Geof Gilson, Cathy Livermore - Music : MHFS photography: Richard Harling

Credits: Technology/Choreography/Dance: Geof Gilson - Photography: Jacob Bryant - Music: The System

Project - 5 short movements

Rota (excerpt)

Dance film by Corrie Befort and Darrick Borowski with soundtrack by Joe Swifka.
More info: www.cBefort.com
Buy full film at: www.IndieFlix.com

JR´s Stiefel

Tanzfilm JR´s Stiefel von Walter Bickmann

segunda-feira, 21 de dezembro de 2009

Rubberman Accepts The Nobel Prize

Director: Karen Pearlman
Writers: Karen Pearlman and Richard James Allen
Producers: Daniella Ortega and Richard James Allen
Choreographer: Richard James Allen
Cinematographer: Tim Spicer
Production Designer: Kate E. Wills
Costume Designer: Justine Seymour
Editor/Digital Effects: Andy Canny
Sound Designer/Composer: Serge Stanley

And appearing as Rubberman: Richard James Allen

A Physical TV Company Production in association with
the Australian Film, Television and Radio School.

Duration: 6 minutes

The God [Melnitsa Animation Studio]

Directed by
Konstantin Bronzit

Writing credits
Konstantin Bronzit

Produced by
Alexander Boyarsky
Sergei Selyanov

Original Music by
Valentin Vasenkov

Film Editing by
Konstantin Bronzit

Sound Department
Vladimir Golounin

Konstantin Bronzit
Yuri Ilyin

O Rito de Ismael Ivo, de Ari Cândido Fernandes

A vida do bailarino negro Ismael ivo, suas perfomances, depoimentos sobre a dança e as dificuldades sociais enfrentadas para superar obstáculos e atingir uma posição satisfatória na profissão. Vindo de uma família pobre da periferia de São Paulo (SP), Ismael deixa o Brasil no início da década de 80 e torna-se famoso e consagrado artista no exterior.

RAYMOND (au paradis), Cécile Loyer, Stéphane Broc 2003

Danse contemporaine, vidéo danse, Stéphane Broc.

domingo, 20 de dezembro de 2009

Mi sposeresti tu?

Realizzazione Stefano De Ponti - Coreografia e interpreti Barbara Geiger, Franco Reffo - Suono Stefano De Ponti, Mara Martinoli - NECTAR produzoni video - 2009

Too Hot To Hold

Too Hot to Hold, UK 2005, 4’40
Director: Eleonore Ansari
"Too Hot to Hold" is an essay about ballroom dancing in London. Anita (a dancer of 75 years)
brings us to this world through her old radio and we are suddenly surrounded by men and women
over 60 who regularly meet to share a cup of tea, a dance, and maybe more if there is an affinity...

quinta-feira, 17 de dezembro de 2009

Raft of Medusa - Choreographic Collisions 2

Installation for 'Choreographic Collisions 2', Choreography of Federicapaola Capecchi, as part of Biennale di Venezia/Danza 2008, director Ismael Ivo.
Media Artist: Lutz Gregor
Music: Paki Zennaro
Performances June 19/20/24/25 Venezia

Henry Hills - SSS

SSS is a video by experimental filmmaker Henry Hills: http://www.henryhills.com/

SSS is composed from footage of movement improvised on the streets of pre-gentrified East Village by Sally Silvers, Pooh Kaye, Harry Shepperd, Lee Katz, Kumiko Kimoto, David Zambrano, Ginger Gillespie, Mark Dendy, and others, painstaking synched to music previously improvised for the project at Noise New York by Tom Cora (cello), Christian Marclay (turntables), and Zeena Parkins (harp). Beauty emerging from rubble.

RAPTURE : Noemie Lafrance w/ Frank Gehry architecture

RAPTURE, a site-specific aerial dance performance directed by award-winning choreographer Noemie Lafrance untop the architecture of Frank Gehry. Workshop performance at Fisher Center, Bard College, June 2007. Sound score by Janek Schaefer. Live Sound Score performed by Bora Yoon. www.sensproduction.org


Pendant un certain temps, alors qu'on le croit parfaitement inerte,
notre cadavre s'anime, s'exprime et s'agite en un ultime ballet macabre.
Les nombreux spasmes qui secouent notre corps ne sont-ils que mouvements erratiques
ou font-ils écho au tourbillon et au tumulte de notre vie passée?




terça-feira, 8 de dezembro de 2009

Round en la Sombra - videodanza de A. Salomón

Esta es una videodanza de A. Salomón, fue producida por la empresa Santas Producciones.
Esta basada en la novela Danza y Box, bálsamo y herida, de Patricia Camacho.
Con: Gilberto González, Dante Jardón y la actuación especial de Ricardo Finito López.

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William Forsythe - Solo

William Forsythe performs solo, accompanied by music from Thom Willems. Shot by Thomas Lovell Balogh and Jess Hall.

William Forsythe - One flat thing reproduced 03/03

The Forsythe Company

William Forsythe - One flat thing reproduced 02/03

William Forsythe - One flat thing reproduced 01/03


Choreographed/Directed by Lauren Thompson
Dance Camera West 2007
UCI Dance Film Festival 2006
Beijing International Dance Film Festival 2006.


Choreographed by Shauna Walker
Directed and edited by Barry Walker

The Paperboy

A short film by Cloud Skill Methodz.


Choreographed/Directed by Lauren Thompson
UC Irvine 2007.

The Way

- the way (Mia's double bass mix) -

directed by Sarah Elgart

featuring dance by Oguri

Gaál Mariann - Barbakán

Contemporary music and dance in a Hungarian short film.


Saliendo (USA, 2006) 6:57

A film by Oni Dance and True Pictures
Directors: Maria Gillespie, Kristy Tully

Choreographer: Maria Gillespie

Director of Photography: Kristy Tully

Editor: Robbie Shaw

Music: Ginormous


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