segunda-feira, 12 de janeiro de 2009

Three's A Crowd, UK, 2007

Screen-dance short. A sequel to It Takes Two, this time the protagonists challenge their simmering attraction and risk all through direct physical contact. Referencing both Tango and contact-improvisation, their movement playfully explores each other's presence and power. However, things get complicated as the torrid relationship progresses in this hard industrial landscape. Meanwhile, the parents look on disapprovingly from the wings, convinced it will all end it tears.
Shot in one continuous take, the rough and ready hand-held camera improvises within the dance, an active participant in their passionate dialogue, rather than neutral documenter.
The processing of the sound and colour (together with its radical 'shift') highlights the mediated relationship between the improvised live action and recorded performance.
Made with an international cast at Henrichshutte industrial museum, Hattingen, Germany

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