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EDIT2008 extracts

International dance film festival Budapest.
2008 Oct. 16-19 TOLDI CINEMA.
Presented by Autumn Festival Budapest and Workshop Foundation. www.bof.hu

MigrationlovesongFilmSeries1 raw trailerstyle


Direction, Story, and Choeography by Delphine Kini Mae
Performed by Mirjam Klebel(Austria), Rolando Rocko Martinez(Mexico), and Sergio Solis(Mexico)
Soundtrack by Florian Gruber(Austria)
Songs by Delphine k. Mae, Collaboration and Sung by Elise Hovdkinn(Norway)
Camera by Ross Paterson(UK), Armande Chollat-Namy(France), and Florian Gruber(Austria)
Special trailer edit by Gerald Schober(Austria)


Salzburg, 2006
Director/Concept: Laura Noebauer
with Ewa Bankowska and Delphine Kini Mae

Prizewinning film from Shorts on Screen 2007

Modern Daydreams 4: Islands in the Sky

Modern Daydreams 1: Deere John

Modern Daydreams 3: Treadmill Softly

Modern Daydreams 2: Unleashed

dance for camera project

Directed by Pam Gonzales.
Pam has studied at Cal Arts, CU Boulder, on scholarship at ADF

Lumiere D'Ampoule

video collaboration between joe kirschling and gina t'ai.
winner at the american dance festivals dancing for the camera fest 2007

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ALEX SOARES para o acervo mariposa dentro
da mostra LANTERNINHA - videodança no CineOlido.

Videomakers da área discutem como filmar a dança, dando voz aos "olhos" videográficos da produção em videodança.

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Ma mère l'oye

Thierry De Mey,
Film de danse

De Keersmaeker - Dance Patterns

This is the third part of the film called "Counter Phrases"
Director: Thierry De Mey
Music: Steve Reich
Choreography: Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker


dir. Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker

Doris Humphrey - Air on the G String (filmed 1946)

Doris Humphrey with Ernestine H. Stodell, Cleo Athenoes, Dorothy Lathrop and Hyla Ruben.

Choreograpy by Doris Humphrey.

Moira Shearer The Red Shoes (part 2)

Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger direct The Red Shoes, with Moira Shearer, Leonide Massine, Robert Helpmann and Ludmilla Tcherina

Moira Shearer The Red Shoes (part 1)

Moira Shearer in the 1948 film The Red Shoes